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    Microscope & Ring Lamp    

          Microscope Step Type   


* Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field view.       
* 45
 inclined and 360o
 rotate table binocular head with
locked-in eyepiece. The left ocular-tube with diopter
adjustment  ±5dp.                                                    
* Three kinds of 90
 rotational objective for selection
10X/20X, 10X/30X, 20X/40X                                       
*  XTJ-1000D
          Microscope Ring Lamp           


* Simple to use low cost fluorescent ring lights that can
attach to many stereo microscope objective housings.     
* The most popular RFL-8 model has an 8W fluorescent
ring lamp.  The 10W RFL-10 model can be supplied on
special order.                                                             
*  Color temperature 6000K at 220V and 27000K at 110V
* RFL-8 (8W)  ID : 60mm  Input voltage 220V /110V      
* RFL-10 (10W)  ID : 70mm  Input voltage 220V / 110V
          Microscope LED Ring Light    


* A low cost adjustable intensity LED ring illuminator with
illumination control on the side of ring light itself, supplied
with a separate mains power adaptor.                               
* This is a simple LED ring light with an internal diameter of
59.75mm and it can be attached to the microscope using 3
* 60 LED Bulbs                                                               
* Body made from metal                                                  
* Fully Bright 7 step light regulation 2600 -25,000 Lux         
* 1/4 bright  8000 lux                                                      
* 2/4 bright  15000 lux                                                    
* 3/4 bright  21000 lux                                                    
* Life time about 20,000 hours.                                        
* LED-60T  ID : 59.75mm  Input voltage 100V ~ 220V
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