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Wrist Strap Tester & Surface Impedance Tester



*Can be used anywhere to quickly and easily check grounding
systems for instance wrist straps and anti-electrostatic cushion and
grounding wire.
* Ensures employee safety                                                         
* Eliminates product defects caused by static electricity.               
* Touching the mat with your hand when grounding wire is
connected.  The green “Good” indicator will be on and buzzing
when you have safe grounding system.





 Standard Impedance


 Low (red)

 R < 750 kΩ


 Good (green)

 750kΩ ≤ R ≤ 10MΩ


 High (red

 R ≥ 10MΩ


 Dimension / Weight

 110 (L) x 72 (W) x 40 (H) mm / 0.6 kg


         TT-385 / TT-385B          


* Adopt amplifier of high precision and low
power to compare, calculate, display with
luminous diode.
* High sensitivity reliable to use.                
* Small size, light weight, power efficient    
* Portable by design, easy to carry.




TT-385 / TT-385B

 Range Of Measurement

 103 ~ 1012 Ω


 ±0.5 Quantitative level

 Outer Dimension / Weight

 70 (L) x 27 (W) x 130 (H) mm / 0.14 kg

 Power Supply

 9V Dry Battery

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